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Delivering advantages through integration

Toyo Ink India Pvt. Ltd. with its advanced ink how and inherent manufacturing strengths, offers a clear edge in product quality and press performance. Powered by highly sophisticated R & D initiatives, leading-edge technologies and an intelligent team of ink specialists, the company offers a product repertoire that meet stringent press floor and substrate parameters.

This advantage is delivered largely due to its totally integrated production, which covers each stage beginning from pigments and resins used as raw materials for printing inks, right up to the finished products.

Its total control over the manufacturing process has enabled each client to enjoy the advantage of higher productivity and guaranteed quality.

Toyo Ink India also has access to Material Processing Technologies, which consist not only of existing core technologies for dispersion, blending, and color management, but also of leading-edge technologies such as nano-dispersion and hybrid materials.

Its Component Converting Technology Platform which encompass sophisticated technologies for improved precision, enables it to respond effectively to increasingly diverse and evolved markets and needs. With these technologies, its products will be elevated to a level of specialty and supplied globally.