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Corporate Profile | India

Toyo Ink India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2006 as a manufacturer and seller of printing ink and specialty chemical products. The factory was inaugurated in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh in 2008. High quality series of offset printing inks and UV overprinting varnishes are being manufactured and supplied to India and overseas market. Toyo Ink India Pvt. Ltd. also sells imported products manufactured by Toyo Ink Japan and its subsidiary companies all over the world.

Toyo Ink India now offers the Indian printing fraternity a range of inks and special products that set new benchmarks in excellence. It offers premium Sheet Fed Inks manufactured at its own plant in India, with advanced and innovative Japanese ink technology. These inks offer superior gloss, rub resistance, fast setting and perform on a variety of substrates. A series of quality UV overprinting varnishes, imported high quality Liquid Inks and Can Coatings are also available.

Derived from Toyo Ink India’s understanding of Indian operating conditions and the demands of the Indian printing industry, these products reflects its gift for innovation and passion for ink technology.

Corporate Philosophy

People-oriented management

Corporate Policy

We, the Toyo Ink Group, endeavor to be a company that contributes to the enrichment of life and culture throughout the world.
  • Contribute to the affluence and culture of people worldwide.
  • Create lifestyle value for the new age.
  • Provide advanced technology and quality products and services.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide knowledge that enhances customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Respect the realization of all employees’ ambitions.
  • Act as a responsible corporate citizen in harmony with society and the environment.
  • Respect shareholders’ rights, improve shareholder value and enhance market valuation.